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Welcome to my website! Honey and I are so glad you stopped by today!

Anyone who follows me on My Facebook Author Page likely already knows Honey. I call her both my Fab Lab and my Loveable Labrador, but thanks to the Frugal Lissa Mysteries she’s also now my creative canine.

What does that mean?

Well, beyond napping under my desk as I write each day, she also helps me with the new series by giving me ideas for every new book. You see, my main character in the Frugal Lissa Mysteries also has a blonde Lab named Honey, and my Honey gives me amazing ways to inject humor and realism as I write about Lissa’s fictional Honey. My Honey’s energetic tail appears on the cover of each book. You can find the first two covers here on this website, just click the Books link on the top toolbar, then click Frugal Lissa Mysteries.

Please wander around and check out each of my mystery series (find those pages under the Books link at the top), as well as the extra pages in the right column where you can find downloadable coloring pages, interviews & podcasts of me and my series, and promotions. You can access each of my series pages, my blog page, and information about me in the toolbar across the top of this (and every other) page.

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So, again, welcome! Thanks so much for dropping by!