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This site is currently under construction. What that really means is I’ve been too busy writing to deadlines to post any blogs here. But I’m going to get better–I promise. First book in the Bodies of Art series will be available from Gemma Halliday Publishing in December 2013 – here’s the cover.  Counterfeit_Conspiracies_final_cover Is that cool or what? The book is a fast-paced mystery/suspense with a dash of humor for fun, and an art world protagonist who does everything in her power to make sure art stays in the public world where it belongs–not disappear without a trace.

Laurel Beacham, grew up in wealth and society—until her grandfather died and her father gambled away the family fortune. Now with more pedigree than trust fund, she is the premier art recovery expert for museums that need to stay one step ahead of international thieves. Her latest assignment pits her against a mystery man, Jack Hawkes, who is not only her equal with blue bloods, but also seems to know where all the bodies are buried. In Counterfeit Conspiracies, Laurel is racing against time to find the art object before the enemy, locate a missing art world compatriot with crucial information, and decide whether or not she wants to disentangle herself from this new male nemesis, Jack, who seems to know too much about her and her business.

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