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Tomatoes in My Office Window

Last week I posted on the Tower of London, but this time I’m going to write about my little corner of the world. We live in an area prone to consecutive years of drought conditions, but this past year has been wetter than normal, and the colors are simply outstanding. This is the view I see in my rear view mirror each time I pull my Honda out of my garage. Front drive-Fall

100_0457I watch my neighborly deer graze in the side yard while I’m drinking my morning cup of joe, and I feed a raccoon family that has been coming by every evening since early summer. I would show a shot of them, too, but since they only come at night, and the porch light isn’t really brilliant enough to aid my phone in its picture taking talents, I think it would be better if I told you about them instead. First, the three cubs are adorable, even though they’ve now grown to almost the size of their mama. Papa raccoon is my favorite, however, because he’s the really brave one of the bunch–also the biggest. Most evenings he raises up on his hind legs and looks in the living room windows to check out that everything is good with us. He’ll even come a little closer if I open the window about an inch and talk to him. Guess he likes hearing what a handsome fella he is.

They say “write what you know,” and I understand the wisdom of the term. Yet, though I write fast-paced mysteries — and I gotta say my life is pretty low-key — I’ve never written a country-based mystery. I think I want to experience the same exciting settings I offer to my readers, and luckily, my imagination operates on overdrive once I get to the keyboard. I also keep extensive notes on everywhere I’ve traveled to–hence the London post last time. My life is a lot different from any of the characters I write. For example, none of them share office space with two tomato plants that still keep producing new fruit, despite the fact the “garden season” is now a couple of months past. At the rate these two beauties are going I’m going to have fresh tomatoes all winter long. Not a bad thing, I say. [Just don’t look at any of the dust that may appear on the mini-blinds in this picture–I’m a writer, not a housekeeper 🙂 ]Tomatoes in the Window

I’ll be posting more on London in coming weeks, to tie to the upcoming release of Counterfeit Conspiracies, which is partly set in the U.K.

But until then I’ll be cruising the globe from my keyboard, staying warm from the fireplace in the next room, listening to my favorite Pandora stations, and trying to keep my cat off the keyboard. Here she is in one of the front windows. This particular one has no screen because she’s a cat, and it’s her window for sitting in and jumping in and out of, and, well, need I say more?Missy facing while sitting in front window

What’s your corner of the world like? We would love to hear about it! Post information on yours in the comments, please.

One last thing, my publisher announced yesterday that five copies of Counterfeit Conspiracies will be given as a Goodreads Giveaway. This is a fast-paced suspense novel that is the first of a series, with an intriguing mystery, humor, and a dash of romance to keep everything moving. If you want to try for a Goodreads copy, click this link:

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