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More Great Reads, Contest Fun and Prizes

A lot of great new contests and giveaways have started up lately, and this is the third blog I’ve written on this subject in the past week. If you didn’t read the other blog posts, scroll down to look them over as some of the contests mentioned have long entry periods, and the book blogs mentioned have new contests all the time. But in the spirit of new opportunity, here are a few more sites to check out, and these links are the kind that have giveaways pretty regularly.

Dru’s Book Musing is a great reading site that offers unique and fun info for fans, and giveaways as well. Features include A Day in the Life, that lets secondary characters in books take the spotlight to reveal more of their personality and voice, cover reveals of new and upcoming books, book reviews, and giveaways provided by authors and/or publishers. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on the blog page–but these contests are quick to close, only open until noon the following day, so move quickly to get your chance at a favorite author’s book.

Shelley Giusti  started her blog almost two years ago, and she’s ready to celebrate. She posted first thing Monday, March 10th saying, “I will be promoting this early — On Saturday Lorna Barrett will be hosting the Book Trivia on my blog. Guess what book she is talking about and you will receive an ARC copy of the book!”  Here’s the link to that blog if you want to check it out Shelly also schedules a Saturday Book Trivia, with last week’s contest hosted by Joyce Lavene. Don’t miss it!


There are a number of other bloggers who host blog tours, and not only give readers opportunities to learn more about favorite authors and their books but also win new books by those favorite authors. Most of the contests are quick, however, to get your entry in as soon as you can, and the best way to do that is to subscribe to your favorite blogs. Here are a few more to check out:

Cozy Up with Kathy , Melina’s Book Blog , Thoughts in Progress , and Socrates Book Review

And don’t forget group author pages like The Stiletto Gang and Jungle Red Writers. You win with great blogs to read several times each week, plus know right away when one or more of the authors decides to run a new contest for fans.

Happy Reading!

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