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Day in the Life of an Artist

In the spring when my kid was in the third grade, she said she wanted to grow up to be Mary Englebreit. Not that she wanted to be an artist like M.E.–she wanted to be Mary Englebreit. After we explained the difference in terminology, she seemed okay with just studying to be an artist, and has always been unbelievably creative in her own right, but I’m not sure DD was every completely happy with the fact that she couldn’t just assume the persona of her favorite.

Her words at the time made me contemplate who I’d wanted to be at her age. In the first part of 4th grade I read Little Women, and for the first time realized I could grow up to be an author. Before that I’d thought books just magically appeared on library shelves. My daughter was obviously much brighter than I at an early age.  61VXY+ilQAL._AA160_

Just now, an FB posting from Mary Englebreit’s link reminded me of both DD’s early aspirations and my own, when a YouTube video A Day in the Life…Mary Englebreit was posted. It’s a very short video that shows Mary drawing the cover of her new book, THE BLESSINGS OF FRIENDSHIP. The book comes out TOMORROW, August 5th, 2014, and will be available at retailers everywhere. However, I learned if I order from, I’ll receive an exclusive, signed print of the cover! I’m thinking a signed copy like this would make a very good birthday present for my kid. And maybe another just for me, to remind me that all those early dreams can come true with hard work and focus. Right?

Here’s the link if you’d like to watch the video yourself–just over a minute long. Enjoy!

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