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Is It Time for a Break?

With my first trip to Malice Domestic having occurred the first weekend in May, I realize I haven’t posted much this month–just a couple of posts and one was on a sale that only lasted that weekend. After recovering from jet lag, I’ve spent the rest of the month working on the first book in a new series I hope to start publishing in the fall. However, I could work a lot happier (just maybe not a lot faster) if I had a writing buddy like this studious owl to help pen my prose. If you’d like to watch the cute 15 second video showing the owl working his helpful magic, Click Here, then scroll down on the Facebook page until you get to the owl video. (Word of both Wonder and Warning–this page has some seriously awesome art posts on it, so don’t be surprised if you spend longer there than the 15 seconds you intended 🙂 ) Just working with my owl

Of course, the owl on my pen might slow down my writing almost as much as my cat on my laptop keyboard. Unless the cat sees the owl and the chase begins…

Have you seen any cute, creative videos lately you’d like to share?


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