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So Sad When Nature isn’t Very Bright



I feel sorry for stupid things. Right now, I’m feeling sorry for this albino (or just plain white) moth that is clinging to the sidewall of one of the oak cabinets in my kitchen. Okay, he found a place out of the rain, I get it. But shouldn’t survival instinct kick in and remind the moth that the entire rest of the kitchen has a lot of white he could use to hang for a spell and stay a bit safer.



Yep, all the walls are covered in a floral wallpaper with a white background, the border below what you see in this picture has larger butterflies instead of the small flowers. You’d think the moth would at least think about following the butterflies’ lead and maybe use that white background instead. You know, hide in plain sight.

Makes me better understand survival of the fittest–and the not so much. Of course, this moth is still living because I feel sorry for the fact that he isn’t the smartest wingding around. Maybe that’s his schtick–if he brings out my compassion for his lack of instinct I won’t kill him and he’ll live to eat my favorite chair.

No, I still think the moth is just dumb.

How about you? What do you think?

6 Replies to “So Sad When Nature isn’t Very Bright”

  1. I think you made me laugh! Aw, Ritter….just shoo him outside if it makes you feel better! But yeah, maybe he isn’t the brightest moth in the flutter. :>)

    1. I’m still debating, Gail. He seems perfectly happy staying on the cabinet and believing he’s brown. I guess it’s like me thinking I can still fit into those skinny jeans if I keep them in my closet. LOL! Have a good weekend!

  2. Maybe he’s noticed the lack of birds in your house, and feels so much braver. Now, do you crush his dreams & let him live where he’ll no doubt repay your kindness by eating fabric & laying eggs?

    1. Hubby came in the back door, saw the moth, scooped him up, and tossed him outside. But the moth sat there all afternoon–yes, I should have thrown him out myself, but I was too curious to see how long it would stay on the “wrong” color.

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