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What’s New–and Free–Wednesday

I’m trying to turn over a new leaf and blog more regularly, so since Wednesday is usually when the unexpected happens I’m starting here with a new feature on anything I find New or Free. Yeah, I know that sounds oxymoronic to start something on the day of the week I can usually control the least, but I’m always up for a challenge. So, here’s a potpourri of things I found interesting and/or free that I thought y’all might be interested in seeing, too.

Make Your Own Pallet BookshelfThis first idea is one that involves repurposing items with a little ingenuity and creativity. So items get recycled instead of ending up in landfills. I love projects like this–especially when you can get the materials cheaply or for just the cost of hauling it away for someone who doesn’t want the stuff anymore. This is a “Make Your Own Pallet Bookshelf” and a mini-tutorial can be found online–just Click Here

Adult Coloring PagesAre you a little stressed, and feel you need to let your inner child out to play? Well, go to Zen Downloadable Color Pages for Adults to not only find intricate color pages to make you forget your stress as you fill in the spaces with crayons, colored pencils or ink–but the site also gives a bit of information about why these kinds of designs help calm the soul.

If you want more coloring options, Mum in the Madhouse has a whole blog page full of downloadable coloring page options for every kind of taste and talent. Check it out and see 🙂

Carina Press is Celebrating their 5th Anniversary with a Giveaway on their blog. Check out the great books on offer and sign up for your own chance to win.

And if you’re looking for Free Mysteries to read over your summer vacation, Amazon’s Free Mystery Pages offer hundreds of great choices right now. Just click Next Page to get to the next set of books in the list.

I’m going to be looking for new things to send out next week. Let me know if you know about something you think I should include in a coming post.

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  1. I like all of them but the “pallet shelf” would be perfect near my bed for my Nook and Kindle and odd paperback. I had never seen adult coloring pages; if I had thought to look for them I would probably have gotten a totally different genre. 🙂 I need to bookmark the Amazon page. I have some other marked but never think to type out the path to that one.

    1. Yes, the pallet shelf is my favorite thing, too. I’ve been looking at tiny houses made out of shipping containers, and trying to convince hubby he needs to remodel one for me a writer’s retreat. Don’t think that will happen, but I may be able to get him to make me a shelf for the office I have in the house now 🙂

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