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So Much Chocolate, So Little Time

M&M1 I’m in the middle of writing and researching the next Bodies of Art novel, so my mind and clicking finger naturally gravitates toward anything relating to London. Recently, I read an article that has me wanting to grab my passport and book a flight. The Brits have a huge M&M store in London! Yes, four stories high, and looking like something between Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and my most heartfelt desire.

Couldn’t resist grabbing a few of the shots and posting them here to share for now and enjoy later when I’m planning my next hop across the pond 🙂M&M5

So many choices. Wonder which ones I would pick–M&M6

–This is the M&M take on the iconic Abbey Road pic.

And I wonder if anyone tries to make the queen’s M&M guard laugh or smile at his posting.

It really would be tempting–M&M3

Imagine having your personal order completed while you wait. Kind of reminds me of the classic I Love Lucy episode where Lucy & M&M2Ethel packaged candy (when they weren’t eating the bon bons or stuffing them down their shirts).

So very much chocolate, and so little time. Sigh…

Something for everyone I’ll bet–well, everyone who loves chocolate 🙂


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  1. If I were visiting London, I’d definitely stop by! We have one here on the Strip, in LV, and the hubs tends to grab my shirt collar and drag me away from the door. I ALWAYS spend money there, even though I have a collection of m&m dispensers and other chatchkes, and of COURSE I have to buy purple ones. I mean, come on! It’s my avatar, after all! They always make me smile, especially yellow, and now you have me craving peanut m&m’s…. :>)

    1. Yes, I’m a true fan, too, Gale. I even tried to order personalized M&Ms with the Counterfeit Conspiracies book cover printed on them, but the design was just too much for any one M&M to handle. LOL!

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