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Freebie Friday and Update on Huge Contest Monday!

There is always something fighting for my dollars–especially as the weather warms up, the schools let the students loose, and we’re all traveling more. So, I love it when I can report on a way to save or win merchandise–especially when it relates to reading. Here are a couple of goodies!

Until June 30th, Amazon is offering a $3 discount on an e-title. Just click this link and you’ll go to a landing page that says your Summer discount offer has been applied–then Amazon 3-dollar-off credityou only have to shop for the Kindle copy you want, and the title will head for your ereader, and you’ll keep an the extra $3 in your wallet. Easy peasy. And my publisher would ask me to remind you here that this particular discount would cover the entire price of a copy of either Counterfeit Conspiracies or Marked Masters. Not that I’m trying to suggest how to spend your money or anything 🙂

If you look at your receipt at the time of purchase, it will show the full price of whatever Kindle book you choose, however it will include a boxed note that says:

Your order is being processed. The total, including promotions and Gift Certificates, will be available when it is complete.

And when I received the email copy of my invoice the $3 credit had been subtracted from the total (it took several hours before the credit was processed and I received an the invoice confirming the lowered price after the discount, so don’t panic if you don’t get it right away–my credit card was not charged based on the invoice at order and was only charged the discounted amount). The offers it runs until June 30th–but who can wait to buy a new ebook, right? This is free book money. Am I right? And I want to thank Jeanie Jackson for posting about this and giving me the scoop so I could share it with y’all!

Next, on Monday, June 13th Henery Press is celebrating it’s 100th published book by hosting an AtW Prize package from HPFB Blog Hop with 100 authors (Yes, I’m in that group). We’ll all be giving out prizes at our own stops, but Henery Press is Giving a Very Grand Prize of airline miles, a roomy Coach tote, designer sunglasses, and a Kindle Fire–all going to one very lucky recipient. All the entry details will be posted on early Monday morning and go on all day.

And this is just one prize. Remember, there will be 100 other authors who will all be giving stuff away on their pages, too! To enter, join the blog on Monday. I’ll have a post pinned to the top of my FB Author Page, click here to reach my Author page. If you’ve already liked my author page, you should get a notification by FB when I post in the early morning hours on Monday–but if you haven’t yet liked the page, feel free to do so now and get the news as soon as I post.

This is a one-day event that you’re going to want to set aside time for. Mucho, mucho fun and mucho, mucho prizes being given out (remember, there are 100 authors sharing in this so lots and lots of fun). Follow the instructions to enter at every page for every author you love or think you might like to know better 🙂 You’ll see a link to the next stop on the blog at the end of each author’s post–and if you want to make sure you hit them all, go to the Henery Press FB page and the authors’ list will appear in order there (don’t worry, I’ll post it on my page). Look for this happy chickie pic on Monday, June 13th to know where to enter on everyone’s pages. All winners will be posted Tuesday the 14th. Good luck!HP World Giveaway TODAY


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