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It’s Elementary

This week I have a half-dozen writing projects at all different phases of completion. So what will I spend my evenings doing? Well, it’s elementary…since PBS is rebroadcasting the Sherlock series this week on one of their digital channels–and I get to feast on double servings of the fabulous episodes the next few nights. Sherlock

Yes, I know there’s some kind of party going on in Cleveland, with the planners there ready to offer me a front row seat to the festivities while the event plays out in prime time on the main PBS station. But really, I just prefer switching to digital channel two and follow along behind Benedict Cumberbatch as he so beautifully resolves crimes that he’s already shared the answers to before. I don’t watch a lot of television series reruns but Sherlock is one I cannot resist.

LewisAnd I hear there’s another big party coming to Philly soon for the opposing team to the current festivities. Think I might send off an email to PBS and suggest they run another Masterpiece Marathon featuring Inspector Lewis that week, or maybe bring back The Bletchley Circle. They probably don’t need my input though. I can’t think of a Masterpiece show–especially those with the Masterpiece Mystery label–that isn’t a winner.p9432939_i_v9_ab

Makes me almost wish we had more than two political parties, so I could look forward to more weeks of Masterpiece marathons. In the meantime, this week I’ll be the one in the comfy chair watching every move Sherlock & Watson make, and reveling in every line of evidence and banter. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite “gotta watch it” marathon show?

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  1. Okay, that made me laugh! And it is SUCH a great idea! I’m going to be reading, myself, and trying to drown out the “noise”…for two weeks. We love to watch the sci-fi dvd’s that we have: Stargate-SG1, the Stargate movies, Babylon 5; and we go thru The West Wing (pretty funny, huh?) as most of those are smart and alecky. Before we ditched both cable and satellite, we watched Deep Space 9 episodes, Voyager…see a theme here? I’ll also watch (every time it is on) NCIS and Madam Secretary. Man, do I love Madam Secretary! I am truly impressed by the writing and how most issues are solved by smart thinking. ANNNDDDDDDD she and her family are smart alecks! Hmmmm, another theme for me? :>) I haven’t seen the British shows for a few years but if I received them, I’d watch Sherlock as well! Enjoy!

  2. Ooh, good ones. I’m a huge Madam Secretary fan–a longtime Tea Leoni fan–and I honestly laughed so hard after I watched the first show. Because She Is Truly Showing Her Acting Chops! I remember when I first heard about the project, I thought, “Really? Tea Leoni? I adore her but that character is Nothing Like Her.” And she proves week in and week out what a fabulous actress she is for exactly that reason. Yeah, I love West Wing too, but hubby would never watch it because he can’t keep up with the fast dialogue–which is Why I Love It. Have you watched The Newsroom with Jeff Daniels–it’s lightning fast dialogue and great characters like West Wing. Wish Showtime had produced more than three seasons. We don’t have cable either, just live off antenna and Roku streaming–though more and more I’m streaming on my computer instead because hubby has found the PBS station on Roku so watches A LOT of WWII stuff and I think he’s addicted to the Wall Street Journal News channel (I’m not). He does always watch NCIS with me. Okay, I’d better stop now or I could go on all day about great shows.

  3. In our house the marathon would alternate depending on what is being aired. Typically, Castle, Hart to Hart, Murder She Wrote or Diagnosis Murder. If not airing, our daughters watch the DVDs of the Jane Austen movies.

  4. I love the PBS shows– currently loving Miss Fisher Mysteries and Doctor Blake Mysteries– enjoy Sherlock, it is the best! I am taking a few summer classes to learn more about the computer, etc. :I So no TV for me.

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