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Just Gonna Say It One More Time

Ivote won’t ever try to tell anyone how to vote, but I will always challenge you to vote. It is your right and your responsibility.

And I’d like to add for all future contenders out there For Any Elected Office, it is your responsibility to do your part to ensure the kind of circus this election season has been should never EVER happen again.   Thank you!


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  1. I’m not sure about this circus never happening again — we can ONLY hope that it won’t! — but thanks for giving everyone a nudge. I voted a couple of weeks ago, when the lines were nil, but everyone needs to do this. It’s our right and we need to exercise. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Due to jerrymandering in my state (they really hate independents here and we have a large group of them in my county) I have to drive 18 miles round trip to vote instead of going less than a mile to the polling place down the road where we used to vote (yeah, really). So I go to the polls out of oneriness, to show I really will Show Up election day. Plus, I’m almost to the gas office that way too, so I can pay my bill–I waste money driving when I shouldn’t have to drive (I would walk otherwise), but save the cost of a stamp. I know–I’m seriously stubborn.

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