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Flash Contest this Weekend Only!

CounterfeitConspiracies-on FireCONTEST!!! Let’s have a Friday GIVEAWAY! Amazon is running a giveaway for me on Kindle copies of COUNTERFEIT CONSPIRACIES. The giveaway will only run through this weekend, but ends when the copies are gone. It’s a random pick–I have no control over anything and cannot give any hints on how to win. But here’s your chance to try for a copy of COUNTERFEIT CONSPIRACIES. Just click the link below for your chance to win.

3 Replies to “Flash Contest this Weekend Only!”

  1. What a wonderful surprise…for what is a rainy, gray day here in Southern Nevada. Not complaining! We need moisture. Always. But thank you for adding a little sunshine to the day!

    1. Re: complaining – as we ALL do! It is pouring today so my car stays in. It is very small and would get lost in the puddles out there. The hubs’ big boy car will save the day! Stay warm and dry!

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