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It’s Time for a Friday Contest!

15-minutesIn my opinion, Fridays are good days for contests. Last week I gave away a bunch of my books, and this week I’m giving away books by my friend Larissa Reinhart. This is a great new first in series novel, and you’re going to love Maizie! Check out my Facebook Author Page for all the details on how to win. My neighbor’s daughter will pick two names tomorrow (yep, two winners). Here’s the link to enter, and I’ve pinned the post so it will be at the top of the newsfeed. Just look for the 15 Minutes cover shot and comment to enter to win! Click here and enter on my FB Author Page

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  1. OMG. As I said in my comment, now you have me craving donuts and I haven’t been to sleep yet! Well, I guess there could be worse dreams, right?

  2. I have just finished 15 minutes yesterday and I LOVE Mazie and its just so…pop culture related. You’ll find yoursekf cheering for this young woman and applauding the premise….great ook! Highly recommended

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