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What’s New and Free Wednesday?

I realize it’s been a while since this blog has posted one of the Wednesday info blasts for new and free. It’s not from lack of trying, but rather from an extraordinarily challenging year that has seemed to derail my writing projects with a kind of focused consistency of a toddler walking through a shop filled with crystal.

Organized for Labor Day Foul PlayI’ll switch things up a little and start with What’s Free.  For anyone who hasn’t read the summer Organized Mystery short story “Organized for Labor Day Foul Play,” that was available for a short time in ebook, and later as a quick fun giveaway here on my blog, it’s available free again right now on Wattpad at  https://www.wattpad.com/story/118778329-organized-for-labor-day-foul-play?   You will have to be signed up to Wattpad, but membership is free and the story read is free. I’ll only have it available there a few more weeks, so don’t miss it.

Not free, but definitely a great bargain — a Halloween mystery short in the Organized Mysteries series is also included in the Midnight Mysteries cozy Halloween anthology we released for only a few months last fall during the trick-or-treat season. We’d all planned to use the stories later for our own individual marketing efforts, but we had so many fans ask us to put the anthology up again that we’ve put it back on sale at all booksellers in all eformats for another short run.  And it’s even available this time to libraries on Overdrive. So please feel free to ask your favorite librarian to order it. If you’d like more information on the nine cozy mysteries in this anthology, look to the preview post I added to this blog last fall at  http://ritterames.com/2016/09/02/friday-preview-midnight-mysteries/ . And if you missed your chance to get a copy of this 400 page anthology, or know someone who wanted one of their own, here’s a second–and probably last–opportunity. It will be available until the first week in November, then it will likely be gone for good.

And we’ll finish this Wednesday post off with what is new and in preorder at the moment. With all those challenges Life has been flinging my way over the past year or so, ORGANIZED FOR SCHEDULED SABOTAGE stayed in limbo all summer. I apologize to everyone who’s been waiting for this newest adventure for Kate & Meg. However, it’s just been set up for preorder and specially priced right now at only $1.99 until release day (then it goes up to full price). So if you have friends you know like this series of cozy mysteries, please feel free to share the news while the sale price is available. The Amazon buy link is live now, but the other booksellers will have the book up for preorder soon. http://smarturl.it/O4SSamz

I’ll try to start posting regularly again about What’s New and Free on Wednesdays. Hope you’re keeping cool this summer and finding lots of great books to read and reread!

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    1. Sorry, I don’t know what to tell you, Thomas. It signed me right up when I did it with my regular email. I’m getting tons of reads on the story, so they definitely have it available. Maybe try again after several days have passed?

  1. I guess I’ll have to wait until the short is here on the blog too because Wattpad isn’t playing nice–it thinks I’m in Indonesia and shows the site in that language, now I’m afraid to go back in case someone really has used my email to sign up with. Weird thing? I can’t delete that account! Thanks for the heads-up on the Halloween mysteries, just got those and will be pre-ordering the newest Organizing, been waiting on that one! 😀

    1. Well, now that’s pretty frightening. I had a problem similar to that with Smashwords–someone was using my email to hack in. I really wish people would just get jobs are start collecting stamps or something and quit trying to mess up our digital lives. Sheesh!

  2. Thanks for the updates and here’s hoping things in your life are more “organized” and DEFINITELY no sabotage involved!

    1. Maybe they don’t like that you break their name up into two parts, Andrea (sorry, couldn’t resist). I’ve had no problems with it. Sorry it’s tempramental to you.

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