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Looking for Spring Reading Bargains?

There are a lot of saving opportunities to mystery readers this weekend, with me and my friends offering free and 99¢ books for your spring reading. At http://stephaniedamore.com/mystery-sale/ you’ll find nearly two dozen Fun & Flirty Mystery titles that are all 99¢ this weekend only. Big savings, and a lot of fun authors and series.

Find over 90 books either free or 99¢ this weekend at–   https://writeravamallory.wixsite.com/avamallory/mystery-promos

You’ll find my Organized for Homicide on sale for 99¢ at both sites, and a lot of my friends, including two by Julie Moffett, No Money Down & White Knights and a box set by Maria Grazia Swan, 3 Books in the Mina’s Adventures series — and many, many more.

Not in either of these particular sales, but a great deal nonetheless, is a 5-Book Box Set of Trouble, the Black Cat Detective, specially priced right now at only $1.99. That’s an almost $18 savings over the full price of these books. You can find that bargain here —


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