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Do You Love a Dog?

Anyone who follows me on Facebook, this blog, or even my new Frugal Lissa cozy series knows I love my dog, Honey. Recently, I was shopping for my loveable Lab and found these fun and “oh, so accurate” magnetic paw prints that tell the world how so many of us feel about our fabulous pups. They’re about 5 inches high (and wide) and the magnets work for your refrigerator, your car, or any place you’d like to tell the world about the pet you love.

Today, I have two available for a weekend giveaway. To win, just comment here on my blog with your favorite dog in the world–either your own, or the loveable pet of a friend or family member. I’ll collect names until my neighbor’s granddaughter comes to visit this weekend, and I’ll have her pick the names of the two winners. Good luck, and give your dog a hug for me!

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  1. My favorite dog is my German Shepherd Resi. She was born on the 4th of July and is my baby and best friend.

  2. Our favorite (living) Dog at present is my friends mostly black Lab Bella—-or as I call her Bella Button….and, of course I love Honey-your glamour queen

  3. My favorite dog was a Jack Russell terrier named Willie. He lived to be 15 years old. He was my faithful companion-high maintenance but worth it.

  4. My favorite dog was a Jack Russell terrier named Willie. He was my faithful companion for 15 years-high maintenance but worth it.

    1. Joye I ,
      My hubs loves his Jack Russell, Toby, so much! I once called him a J R terrorist because he was crazy about tearing the trash and our shoes…if he felt ignored. He is 8 now and much quieter.

  5. My favorite dog ever is our 11 year old Black Lab, Boudreaux. Actually he is also known as “BouBear” & “BoudreauxHudson” (said as if it’s one word). He has no clue he is a D.O.G.!


  7. Roxy is a French bulldog Whois very smart and very spoiled. She loves sprinklers and hoses and will bark at you until someone squirts her!

  8. Of course I love a dog! I’m Grammy to my grand-dog Cammy! We even talk on the phone. Sorry, Honey, but you are my second best love!

  9. My dog, Maxwell Finnegan, was the best dog ever – lost him to lymphoma at 6 yrs old – I was heartbroken.

  10. My favorite dog ever is our 11 year old Black Lab, Boudreaux. He is also known as “BouBear” or “BoudreauxHudson” (said as if it’s one word – not because he’s in trouble because he rarely ever is! It’s just a habit! Same with our son – we always call him by both names when we talk about him! Just a quirk!) Boudreaux is our 3rd child & has absolutely NO CLUE he is a D.O.G. We have 2 others but he acts nothing like them & almost looks at them as if to say, “Will you two please BEHAVE?”

  11. Love my mini schnauzer, Jazzi Mae, she sticks to me like glue and could not be sweeter!???I think most pet parents feel the same !

  12. Have had dogs for decades. Along with my cats. Best companions around. My last dog. An elderly little lady. Died October 2018. Six yrs longer than the average life expectancy of her breed. Two years longer than the vet thought she would. With her around the 5 second rule did not exist. I was not able to care for her properly that past 5 years. A leg injury limited my mobility. She did not seem to miss the walks. I have decided to not get another dog, since I am unable to exercise them properly. Freckles was one of my favorites. Her and my second dog as an adult on my own. Pepper was his name. A GSD. When my first child was born Pepper was right there to watch over him. When Sam started sitting up & was fed in a high chair Pepper was right there to clean up any messes on the floor, the tray, or Sam’s face. Unless I got there first. I would get such a look of reproach from Pepper. Like I was infringing on his, HIS territory. Muh hubby had installed a good security screen door. Our place was small and I really like things open. Especially in the spring thru early fall. When Sam was about 6 months old the boy delivering our paper hit the side of the house as he came up the walk. Pepper, with a growl leapt for the door. The screen held. I have no doubt there would have been a tragedy that day. The 14 yr old knew it to. Thankfully he was already familiar with Pepper and had dogs of his own. He very solemnly apologized to Pepper. Said he would be sure to let the boy who subbed for him know not to hit the house. No problems after that. The next time a pet growled and was ready to attack? Was the cat. someone was in the bushes outside.

    1. What a lovely tribute to your marvelous dog. They are so wonderfully protective, and full of personality. Glad your Pepper was there to warn about the person in the bushes!

  13. Oh my gosh! I LOVE my Lab, Rusty. Having him in my life is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Love my buddy!

  14. My beautiful black labs: Lord Bowller (after character in Brisco County Jr) & Logan Xavier (after Marvel’s Wolverine and Professor X). My heart belongs to dogs.

    1. Loved how you’ve named your dogs after icons. I am a huge Brisco County Jr. fan, and still laugh when I think of Lord Bowler’s anxiety when Brisco visited his house in San Francisco 🙂

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