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Big Cozy Celebration for Agatha Christie’s Birthday Weekend!

Tomorrow is the Agatha Christie’s birthday. Longtime fan–bet you are too, right?

I recently watched the movie Agatha starring Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave. I never saw the film when it came out in 1979, but BritBox had it on the schedule and I settled in one Sunday afternoon, ready to be transported to the fictionalized 11 days in 1926 when Agatha Christie disappeared–and what could have happened. I was entranced! The movie made me love Dustin Hoffman even more than I already did, increased my dislike of Timothy Dalton (though I do credit that he’s excellent at playing jerks in his roles, and excelled in this one; just like he played the perfect villain in The Rocketeer). Also, since I’d watched the newest season of Grantchester, where Jemma Redgrave plays the mother of the new vicar, I was amazed at how much Vanessa–at about the same age as Jemma is now–and her daughter looked alike and had the same expressions and acting mannerisms. Just one of those serendipitous bonus things that comes from indulging in old movies at exactly the right time.

Anyway… Because so many cozy authors love our Agatha, a bunch of us got together and decided to run a special loooong week for a cozy book sale (really 9 days), and the folks over at BookFunnel gave us a big help by creating a landing page for the sale and even promoting it for us by email. Wasn’t that nice? There are more than 50 titles available in this sale. I’ve added a small sample in the graphic below, but Click This Link to Discover About 4 Dozen More! And keep reading below the picture because there are a couple of other things readers won’t want to miss.

The sale started yesterday, and runs through September 21st, so everyone has a chance to hear about it and grab up any favorite titles, or new books and authors to try. Nothing is over 99¢, but there are some free titles in the group too.

And I’ll be running another birthday celebration starting tomorrow on this blog as well. It will run multiple days, with multiple prizes, for multiple winners. So, if you’re ready to celebrate Agatha Christie’s birthday with me, check out the book sale, then be sure to come back by here in the next day or so! NOTE: The contest listed for tomorrow is over and the winners have been notified via email and/or Facebook. Thank you, everyone, for participating!

Now, I need to find some cake. All this talk about birthday celebrations has given me the munchies…


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