Do You Love a Dog?

Anyone who follows me on Facebook, this blog, or even my new Frugal Lissa cozy series knows I love my dog, Honey. Recently, I was shopping for my loveable Lab and found these fun and “oh, so accurate” magnetic paw prints that tell the world how so many of us feel about our fabulous pups. They’re about 5 inches high (and wide) and the magnets work for your refrigerator, your car, or any place you’d like to tell the world about the pet you love. Read more…

Sunday Fun-Day

When Honey and I went to the bank recently, the teller asked if I had a new book coming out. I said, “Actually, Honey and I both have a new release.” I explained our favorite Labrador was a character in Frugal Lissa Finds a Bodyhow it was a cozy mystery about a money-saving blogging mom of two, and that Honey was the canine creative advisor for the book. Our teller was so excited for Honey that she gave her a pair of Pennywise sunglasses to wear. What do you think? Is hot pink her color? Have a happy Sunday, everyone! Honey is 🙂

Honey glamming it as a creative consultant

What’s New & a Bargain Wednesday

Is everyone ready for a firecracker weekend? Yes, a Fourth of July weekend is ahead for all of us in the U.S., I hope everyone worldwide has an equally exciting weekend. And in somewhat-related news, I’m celebrating the New Release of Frugal Lissa Finds a Body by extending the $1.99 Sale Price through July 4th too. So, please grab a bargain if you’re interested in reading this title, because the book will go to $3.99 starting Friday. Click here to get to the Frugal Lissa page, and find all the bookseller links at the bottom for easy clicking. This page also includes the book description and early reviews (under Praise) to see what others are saying about the book. Don’t want to sound pushy–just want my readers to get 50% off while it’s available. Have a wonderful weekend!

What’s New, Free, and a Bargain Wednesday!

Hey, gang, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, I know. I’ve been revising the 2nd book in the Frugal Lissa Mysteries series and will put it up for preorder soon–my designer is working on the book cover, so there will be a reveal on that in the coming weeks too.

My dog Honey has been excited by this series, too, since she’s my canine co-author and the model for the blonde Labrador retriever in the mysteries. And boy, does that dog have a nose for finding murders! You can spot her busy tail in the lower right corner of the cover. Read more…

Happy April 1st! I Love April Fool’s Day! So many laughs, so many smiles. Okay, yes, I like a little practical joking in my life.

To celebrate, ORGANIZED FOR SCHEDULED SABOTAGE is on sale today at only 99 cents! No Foolin’!

Feel free to tell your friends because this is one April Fool’s Day announcement that is truly TRUE. No Foolin’.

But it will go back to full price overnight, so hurry! Here’s the link –

Looking for Spring Reading Bargains?

There are a lot of saving opportunities to mystery readers this weekend, with me and my friends offering free and 99¢ books for your spring reading. At you’ll find nearly two dozen Fun & Flirty Mystery titles that are all 99¢ this weekend only. Big savings, and a lot of fun authors and series.

Find over 90 books either free or 99¢ this weekend at–

You’ll find my Organized for Homicide on sale for 99¢ at both sites, and a lot of my friends, including two by Julie Moffett, No Money Down & White Knights and a box set by Maria Grazia Swan, 3 Books in the Mina’s Adventures series — and many, many more.

Not in either of these particular sales, but a great deal nonetheless, is a 5-Book Box Set of Trouble, the Black Cat Detective, specially priced right now at only $1.99. That’s an almost $18 savings over the full price of these books. You can find that bargain here —

What’s New & Free & a Bargain Wednesday!

I’m trying to finish three manuscripts by summer, get the newly polished up print versions of the Organized Mysteries proofed and back up for sale, and keep Honey’s tug-of-war-play addiction satisfied. So, I’ve been away from blogging for awhile. Today, however, I’m back with impulse buys and goodies I’ve run across lately that I thought y’all might be interested in. Enjoy! Read more…

What’s New and Free Wednesday–New Website Edition

Happy Wednesday, everyone, and welcome to my new revamped website. I spent the last couple of weeks working with a fabulous website designer who gave my URL the full Elizabeth Arden treatment. What do you think of the new look? When you have a minute, feel free to check out the other pages using the top of page links and the Explore the Site links in the right column. And you can always return to my home page by clicking “Ritter Ames Mysteries” in the top left corner of the banner. That shortcut works on every page on this site. Read more…

What’s New, What’s Free & What’s a Bargain Wednesday–Last 2018 edition

I hope everyone has enjoyed a marvelous and re-energizing holiday season. It’s definitely been a busy one around my household. And now that we’re winding things up for 2018, I wanted to jump in and mention a few freebie books and bargains I’ve noticed going on right now to help anyone load up a new gift Kindle or spend that bookseller gift card while you have the chance. I Love Spending Holiday Gift Cards–don’t you? So, in my aim to help, here are a few specials my friends and I are offering before New Year’s Day.

First, I gave away a new Bodies of Art Christmas story to my newsletter subscribers earlier in the week. If you’re a subscriber, and you didn’t see a newsletter land in your inbox on Christmas Eve, please check your Spam and/or Trash folders for the mailing. Hope you enjoy it!


Read more…