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Some options are best delivered at the email level. Reader newsletters are one of those things, as there are often special news to share with fans ahead of the public–something that cannot be done with just a blog on an author’s website. So, if you like knowing great news ahead of everyone else, want to enter contests that are just for newsletter subscribers, and enjoy reading a brief but newsy newsletter each month, please enter your email in the gold box to the right and subscribe to the Ritter Ames Mysteries Newsletter. There won’t be a lot of “buy my book” stuff, but a lot of content that’s not available anywhere else. And as new releases come out, that’s where Ritter offers Free Content, upcoming Bargain Dates for Sales on books and anthologies where Ritter’s work appears, Contests that offer fun prizes and ARCs, and just a lot of Special Opportunities you can’t get anywhere else because it can’t be offered to the Internet Public at large. Promise you won’t be swamped with ads and salesey stuff–just fun stuff!


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