Freebie Friday and Update on Huge Contest Monday!

There is always something fighting for my dollars–especially as the weather warms up, the schools let the students loose, and we’re all traveling more. So, I love it when I can report on a way to save or win merchandise–especially when it relates to reading. Here are a couple of goodies! Until June 30th, Amazon is offering a $3 discount on an e-title. Just click this link and you’ll go to a landing page that says your Summer discount offer has been applied–then you only have to shop for the Kindle copy you want, and the title will head for your ereader, and you’ll keep an the extra $3 in your wallet. Easy peasy. And my publisher would ask me to remind you here that this particular discount would cover the entire price of a copy of either Counterfeit Conspiracies or Marked Masters. Not that I’m trying to suggest how to spend your money or anything Read more…

Isn’t This a Lovely Way to Start a Weekend

Getting messages far and wide today telling me my friends and fans have received notices from the lovely folks at Amazon that my next novel Marked Masters, the next book in the Bodies of Art Mysteries is available for pre-order right now at the bargain price of 99 cents. Isn’t that just the nicest thing? Here’s the link if you want to see for yourself or pre-order a copy: Amazon page for Marked Masters. It’s also available in B&N Nook for Marked Masters and Kobo for Marked Masters.  What a great way to start a weekend!