Before Fall Colors Disappear

Friday afternoon I took time off to go an walk around our city’s lake. Though the winds roared the day before, by Friday they’d calmed enough that the mid-60s temps didn’t require a jacket, but there were still lots of waves running the water to the shore. A perfect day for relaxing, communing with nature (especially the ducks), and simply letting all the beautiful blue shades and autumn hues touch my soul. Now with the cold snap that came Saturday, I figure the leaves will all be brown and most of the tree limbs bare, but I have evidence of my magical afternoon to look back on when I want a little calm and beauty in my life. I’m sharing six of the shots below. Enjoy!3

Tomatoes in My Office Window

Last week I posted on the Tower of London, but this time I’m going to write about my little corner of the world. We live in an area prone to consecutive years of drought conditions, but this past year has been wetter than normal, and the colors are simply outstanding. This is the view I see in my rear view mirror each time I pull my Honda out of my garage.  I watch my neighborly deer graze in the side yard while I’m drinking my morning cup of joe, and I feed a raccoon family that has been coming by every evening since early summer. I would show a shot of them, too, but since they only come at night, and the porch light isn’t really brilliant enough to aid my phone in its picture taking talents, I think it would be better if I told you about them instead. First, Read more…