Always Look Forward to Small Rewards too

My husband starts cutting firewood in late summer/early fall and continues through the winter splitting heavy oak logs and cleaning out brush that’s accumulated in the warm months. He doesn’t just do this because he sells more firewood in the winter and we use it to heat our home. The colder months are also better for cleanup and cutting because snakes are hibernating this time of year and mostly remain in a hole somewhere, so hubby runs a much lower risk of stumbling into a nest and getting bitten. My husband is a lot like Indiana Jones–he hates snakes. But while all of this work produces terrific results around our home, I noticed over the years that hubby tends to just take this as something he must do. He’s good at this kind of work, truly enjoys it. And while he can tell you to the penny how much money Read more…

Monday Morning Motivator – January 17, 2016

As early as possible, write down the most important tasks of the day. Not everything can be a priority. Knowing what absolutely must be done–and when–helps you focus better on goals for the day and not get sidetracked.