It’s Simplify Your Life Week

The first week in August begins SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE WEEK. No, I’m not advocating “If it doesn’t give you joy, you must throw it away.” But we should spend time thinking about what makes our life a little less stressful, and we can applaud that and cheer about items playing a role. We’ve all heard the “less is more” slogan, and yes, it is easier to find things when it’s not part of a crowd. But just “throwing away” is wasteful, and without being present in the moment as we acquire things–instead just grabbing up what does the trick when we’re in a panic over something–we’re destined to repeat our mistakes again and again.

Easy Ways to Help Others

I’m a big fan of recycling, not just to stay green but because practically everyone I know has a habit of buying things they don’t always use to the “worn out” point of the item(s). Whether we’re talking clothes or books or–well, anything really–there’s always some group or organization that can use your discarded items. The landfill should be the last step to get rid of things, instead of the first option used. I know different communities have different options, but there are national and worldwide organizations that can use your donations wherever you live. It may take a phone call or email, or maybe even a bit of postage, but your discarded items can truly help others, even if you don’t have ready cash to send to charity. For example, our library’s annual “huge book sale” is coming in just a few weeks. I don’t read as many physical Read more…