Friday Sneak Peeks — Bronzed Betrayals Chapter 3

Happy Friday, Everyone! Ready for some weekend reading? I’ve put the third chapter of Bronzed Betrayals up on Wattpad, and it’s ready a sneak peek, just Click Here If you missed either Chapter One or Chapter Two, you’ll find links to those on a Previous Blog Post–click here  Hope everyone enjoys the sneak peek! Happy Weekend Reading, Everyone!   .

Bodies of Art Outtakes & Peeks

Do you love outtakes as much as I do? One of the things about being an author is I write a lot of scenes that don’t always appear in their original title. Case in point: I received ARCs this week for Abstract Aliases, the third book in the Bodies of Art Mysteries series, and it starts with Laurel & Jack at a New Years Event. But originally, I was going to set the story around Halloween. I wrote up some really fun scenes, had an exciting phone call scene in particular that set up some scary potential, then I decided I needed to give a time break between books 2 & 3, so it made for a more natural investigation, and the story wasn’t bogged down in a lot of day to day activity that could be summarized much quicker if I did a time shift. But I still had Read more…