What critics say about the fun and fast-paced BODIES OF ART MYSTERIES series:

One of my very favorite things as a reader and book blogger is finding a compelling, interesting, and captivating new book or series. And that’s just what happened when I COUNTERFEIT CONSPIRACIES coverIIstarted reading Counterfeit Conspiracies by Ritter Ames. The first in the new BODIES OF ART MYSTERIES series, Counterfeit Conspiracies is a high-octane, fast-paced thrill ride of a mystery adventure that will definitely leave you anxious for the next installment.”                                                                                                     ~ Girl with Book Lungs

“This fast-paced, action-filled whodunit was enjoyable and hard to put down. The mystery was good, the characters are likeable and it was fun to watch all the pieces come together in this well-written drama. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.”                    ~ Dru’s Book Musing

 “(Counterfeit Conspiracies) takes you on car chases, shooting, great locations around the world all in the hopes of finding a missing friend and lost artifact.  I read the book three times enjoying each time…”                                                                                                                 ~ H. Wimmer reviewing for Book Him Danno

“Ritter Ames has created a feisty character and launched her into the glamorous world of fine art, where big money attracts the mobsters and fakers, where crooks and collectors will sometimes be prepared to kill for the next big prize. Counterfeit Conspiracies is the first book in the Bodies of Art Mystery Series, which I am sure will enjoy great success.”    ~ Readers’ Favorite

Counterfeit Conspiracies by Ritter Ames is a smartly written, well-plotted story of a jet-setting ‘art retriever’ Laurel, who is the perfect mix of art connoisseur, action figure, and fashionista. I loved the international travel, Laurel’s sidekicks, and the ruggedly handsome mystery man, Jack. A fast paced story I couldn’t put down.” ~ Vision and Verse

“Ritter Ames, with her great writing and brilliant story, has created a masterpiece of her MARKED MASTERS coverown in Marked Masters. She leaves her readers doing their own research between the pages. Like Laurel, Ritter keeps the story with its rightful owner–the reader.”                                                                                                ~ Crime Spree Magazine.

“Boasting a great cast of characters, good conversations and the global background, Marked Masters was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to the third book in this exciting series.”                                                                              ~ Dru’s Book Musing

“We start shortly after the conclusion of events in book one. It quickly becomes apparent that there is an overall series mystery, in addition to the one that is the focus of the book. And though the book maintained its retro-classic feel, I really enjoyed the updated feminist power of our heroine saving not only herself, but the hero as well.  Who says we need a man to save us? Two thumbs up! Although most cozies are written with a lighter tone, I did enjoy the more drama based feel for these books. Not that they weren’t humorous; there were several spots that I couldn’t help but giggle with evil glee at Laurel’s shenanigans. It’s just that the books had a more weighty feel, most probably aided by the international locations in the book.” ~ Musings and Ramblings

Gripping, exciting, with unexpected twists and turns, Ms. Ames had me on the edge of my chair waiting to see how things would change and what twists were going to mess up our heroes’ plans next. As far as our characters go, this second installment brought up more questions for me about Jack Hawkes…Laurel continues as her badass role, but I also saw more class and depth to her character this time around.  Not to forget the wonderful team of Cassie and Nico, who are by far two of my favorite behind-the-scenes characters of pretty much all time! This series has my attention and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves a good action chase with the occasional art theft thrown in!” ~ Bean’s Bookshelf and Coffee Break

“It’s New Year’s Eve in London and Jack and Laurel are among the celebratory crowd amazon-aaushering a brand new year…And this third tale in the author’s Bodies of Art Mystery series takes off as fast as a speeding locomotive… This author is sheer perfection when it comes to using descriptions and locations that are richly done and offer sharp details throughout the entirety of the story. Some of the mysteries are solved, some not, which lets readers know that they will have many terrific installments of this series to come. The twists in this story will keep you reading until the amazing end and, for those who fall in love with these as much as this reviewer has, I would recommend reading the entire series in order: ‘Counterfeit Conspiracies,’ ‘Marked Masters,’ and now this incredible, ‘Abstract Aliases.’…This author continues to produce 5-Star reads!” ~ Suspense Magazine, Best of 2016 issue

“She’s done it again. Ritter Ames has left me breathless with action-packed, globe-trotting duo Laurel Beacham and Jack Hawkes…think espionage, art forgeries, high dollar crime, mysteries entwined within mysteries and unexpected twists, both caper-wise and personally for the characters…love that the story takes so many suspenseful twists and turns…I can’t wait for book four.” ~ Ellie’s Reads

“This third book in the Bodies of Art Mystery series is as engaging and entertaining a worldwide romp as the first two books, and I highly recommend the entire series. There is an ongoing thread connecting the books together making it more enjoyable starting at the beginning of the series with ‘Counterfeit Conspiracies’ and ‘Marked Masters.’ Ritter Ames has penned a marvelous story with Laurel Beacham continuing to show her cleverness and intuition portraying a strong character, Jack Hawkins as the perfect partner—even though she might not recognize it, and realistic description and dialogue which adds to the excitement…I was thrilled!” ~ Kathleen Costa, King’s Life Magazine

What critics say about the USA TODAY  Bestselling ORGANIZED MYSTERIES series:

“If you enjoy cozy type mysteries, I think you’ll enjoy this light fast read.”                               ~ Murder Most CozyPageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00001]

“One of my favorite parts of reading the work of Ritter Ames is how completely she draws her readers into the story and the scenes she crafts. It’s always a delight and I can’t wait for the next adventure.”                         ~ Girl With Book Lungs

Organized for Murder is a very enjoyable first in a new series. Ritter Ames really hit it out the park with this debut, and with her organizational tips included (throughout the book and at the end), I know this is one book I will be hanging onto. If you haven’t discovered this series yet, I highly recommend picking it up.”
~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews

“Once again, Ritter Ames has crafted a story that pulls the reader right in. This well-Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00001]plotted cozy mystery is the second in the delightful Organized Mysteries series. I found that I could not put this book down – I had to find out whodunit. The author has included organizational tips to use when moving or just uncluttering your home. Cozy mystery readers will love these characters and like me will want to read more of their adventures. So if you like your mystery well organized, then you should be reading Organized for Homicide.”                                                                   ~ Cheryl Green (also #4 on her Best Cozies list for 2014)

“Ritter Ames keeps ratcheting the suspense until I started skipping sentences just to find out who murdered Amelia and another woman. It was thoroughly enjoyable with well-developed, 3-dimensional characters.”
~ BookTalk with Eileen

“The characters are well written and stay true to who they are from the beginning to end of the book, and they feel real as if you could meet the in real life.”
~ Hiding from My Kids

Organized for Homicide blends useful tips on planning and packing for a move with a mystery around the death of an ex-wife of a client. The client and his kids are moving across the country and have hired Kate and Meg to pack the house and make all of the moving arrangements. Even before the murder Kate and Meg find themselves being drawn into the family situation and taking sides. Add in an ambitious realtor, an anxious administrative assistant, two young girls clamoring for a pet, Kate’s business nemesis, and a book fair that provides clues and the end result is an entertaining story that was a pleasant way to spend several evenings reading.”                                                                             ~ Bea’s Book Nook

Organized for Murder by Ritter Ames is the first in a new cozy mystery series, Organized Mysteries. This is a quality cozy mystery. The story is well-written and the mystery kept me guessing. This is a great start to a new series, and one I am looking forward to revisiting. Great characters, fantastic writing, and a clever mystery all combine to make a really wonderful book.”
~ Brooke Blogs

“I am a huge lover of cozy mysteries, and this by far is one of my favorites. I loved the premise of the main character Kate being an organizer and I loved all the organizational tips that I picked up throughout the story.”
~ Doctor’s Notes

“The plot was well paced and I enjoyed the way Kate followed the clues in a very organized fashion. The author added some great twists, I was surprised by the actual murderer. I enjoyed all the organizational tips that started each chapter. Several will be introduced into my own household.”
~ Escape with Dollycas into a Good Book

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